Sunday, October 18, 2009

Time to Catch Up

A lot has been happening in the Anderson household.... but it has been difficult to blog since we are staying with friends and have limited access to all of our things. I promise I will get better when we move into the new house. (which should be in January) We have a framed house with windows and a roof... things are moving along.

I don't have my cable to upload pictures. We have had several big events that I would love to update you on but I will just leave you with this video and catch you up on the kids later. Avery is almost 14 months and running everywhere. Parker is 3 1/2 and loving school! I have pics of Avery's birthday party for another day. I will leave you with this....

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Moving on up!

Sorry we haven't been updating the blog much lately. Things have been a bit busy around here. We got a contract on our house about 10 days ago and they want us out by Friday...whew! It has been a whirlwind around here! We are building in Frisco and should be moved into our new home around Christmas or early January. (we hope) So...the blog will probably be on a hiatus for a while. All non-essential things are being put into storage and we are moving in with our good friends Angie and Eugene. By the time I write again, Avery will have turned one year old. Crazy how fast she has grown. Seems to have flown by even faster than Parker's first year. Jared also got a big promotion at work, just in time for the big move. I am so proud of him! We are truly blessed and grateful for the wonderfully crazy life we are living.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No vacation here!

Avery is giving me a round of applause for finally sitting down to update the blog. So get ready, it's long! No vacations in our house this summer. Staycation! We have decided to put our house on the market and build our dream home. Cross your fingers with us for it to sell! I guess that's why it's a month between posts. I spend all my free time working and cleaning... and chasing two little ones! So, here is my attempt to catch you up on our summer.

My grandmother passed away, the week after Mother's Day and will be dearly missed. Parker keeps saying he wants to "go to Heaven to see Mimi and Jesus." I told him he's not allowed to go until long after I am gone, but so sweet! Here she is meeting him for the first time.

Parker misses school but has started swim lessons. He was such a little fish. He loved going every day. Mommy got a bit tired by day 8!

Parker is so grown up that we have added some chores to his list. He is responsible for mowing the yard and watering the flowers. :)

We had a wonderful visit with out nieces, Hannah and Micaela. Micaela was not in this picture though.

Avery is crawling... EVERYWHERE and getting into EVERYTHING! She wants to do everything that big brother is doing and eat everything that big brother is eating. She is certainly going to be our mischievous child!

That grin cracks me up! She had just finished putting half the food in her mouth and half on my wood floors.
She loves to play hide and seek with Parker. This is her "you found me" face!

She is pulling to standing in her bed. She is almost able to do it on furniture too. Love those butts!

Here she is crawling. Hard to get the fast action shot, but she is quick!

Father's Day came and went without a huge celebration. My dad is in Bali on a mission trip. Jared's dad is in Florida. So, I made Jared breakfast, gave him presents and took him to the movies for a date. Even though we didn't do a lot that day... let me just tell you how much I love this man. Jared is the best dad! He wants to be home with his kids as much as possible, he loves to read bedtime stories, he melts for his daughter's grins, and he sets a good example of the kind of man I want Parker to be and the kind of man I want Avery to marry! We love our daddy!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

This Mother's Day was doubly special as we had Avery's baby dedication the same day.  Parker and Jared gave me a wonderful basket filled with my favorite things before we headed to church for the baby dedication (notice my new necklace). Parker enjoyed saying "Happy Mother's Day" to anyone that looked like a mother.  

Avery seemed to enjoy being in the spotlight. She was full of smile for Pastor Kim Hall, the wonderful man that married us.  Parker loved that Avery's picture was on the jumbo-tron.  He REALLY wanted the microphone and loved that he was making people laugh.  I know we promised to raise Avery in a Christian home, but other than that, I can't recall what was being said because Parker was being such a ham.

He obviously did not get the memo that today was about Avery and Mommy.

Avery did look like a little princess.  And before you ask... this dress was from Sam's Club, that's right.  The $16.00 find of the century.  She looked just beautiful.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Birthday Party at the Zoo

Parker had a blast at his third birthday party at the Dallas Zoo.  He played with cute girls, got to ride in a wagon, got to pet a snake and so much more!  We are way behind on postings so here's few pics of the day.  I promise to try to get caught up soon!

He's growing up so fast.  So far I am thinking the three's are going to be much more tumultuous than the two's. We have had much more defiance and  testing of boundaries lately.  He is funnier than ever but with that sense of humor comes some not so funny opinions as well.  We are taking it one day at a time :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Parker!


Your Dad and I marvel at the fact that you have been with us for three whole years.  The time has flown by amazingly fast.  It seems like just yesterday that we brought you home from the hospital.  We love you so much and are so proud of the little man you are becoming.

We hope you enjoyed your third birthday as you celebrated at school with your friends.  I have never heard you talk so fast!  When I picked you up today, you told me that you were the Birthday Boy, that you got to pet the animals in the petting zoo, that you colored with chalk, that you played with Nana, that you got a Spider Man toy, and most importantly.... that this was "the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!"  (and that was all in one breath)  

I can't wait to see you at your real birthday party this weekend.  

You are a joy and a blessing from God.

I love you!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter '09

Easter Sunday has always been a special day in my household.  We celebrate that our redeemer lives! Easter is doubly blessed for Jared and I as it was the day our sweet Parker Alan was born....granted the date always changes, but he was our Easter miracle in 2006.  He still brings us so much joy.

Last year he hunted the eggs, but didn't care very much about the contents.  This year, he knew the contents were he held on to each egg.  He didn't let one drop :)

We were blessed to have Avery Elizabeth to celebrate Easter with us this year.  She brings so much joy to our lives.  As you can see...she smiles from ear to ear when she sees us.  She smiles at strangers as well...just as long as they don't touch her.  She has been struggling with some major separation anxiety.  So much so, that this Sunday when we left her in the nursery at church, she cried hard enough to burst a small blood vessel in her eye!  Poor baby wants nothing to do with anyone other than her Mommy, Daddy or Uma.  Any suggestions on how to help her with this would be greatly appreciated.  It breaks our hearts that other people don't get to see this fun loving smile when we aren't around.

Parker was serious about his egg hunting and face painting at the church party this year.  He is becoming so fiercely independent.  I remember when he had separation anxiety and couldn't leave our we have a hard time keeping him close enough to keep an eye on him!

Happy Easter everyone!